Celebrating 20 years of Linux

Celebrating 20 years of Linux

I remember when I installed Linux the first time (many many moons ago) and it was all cryptic for me. All that starred at me, was a black screen with some strange symbols and a pointer blinking.

So, this is Linux, I thought and tried to get my way around it. To be honest, it took a couple of re-installs and some learnings to come to the level I’m at now. Nowadays, all of my applications run on Linux servers (my favorite one is Ubuntu server) and I have to say that I’m more then happy how Linux performs.

Actually, my next step is to adopt Linux (Ubuntu) on my laptop, but to move to Linux on my desktop, I really need to have a application like Aperture of Adobe Lightroom. Apart from that, I think Linux on the desktop has a big chance to succeed. Especially, Ubuntu 11 with Unity will probably make this move apparent for a lot of users.

In any case, if you run Linux on your servers or thinking of migrating to Linux, you own it to yourself to watch the below anniversary video and head over to the dedicated “20 years of Linux” site.

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