SugarCRM: Inbound eMail

SugarCRM: Inbound eMail

SugarCRM is a good open source CRM, but the overwhelming functions and navigation makes it “sometimes” hard to really get to the one thing you want to do. In any case, it does the job well. Apart from that, I just came upon this error message within SugarCRM:

Warnings: Inbound Email cannot function without the IMAP c-client libraries enabled/compiled with the PHP module. Please contact your administrator to resolve this issue.

This definitely means that PHP is missing some mail libraries, but the message to compile PHP is kinda scary, isn’t it? Luckily, if you are using Ubuntu all you need to do is to issue an “apt-get” command and you are rolling. So here we go:

apt-get install php5-imap

This will install everything for you, make sure to restart PHP (restart Apache or the FastCGI).

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