How to make your emails less intrusive

How to make your emails less intrusive

Emails nowadays are addictive! We tend to check our work emails when we are relaxing at home, and we like to catch up on emails from the night before, the moment we wake up too.

Many people fall to check their emails too often, only to find the emails are either irrelevant, spam, or plain malicious.

Here are a few steps we thought of, so you can take action and stop your email account becoming too intrusive:

Step 1: Block or unsubscribe from any email promotions you don’t collaborate with

Why do you think you need these emails to look popular? Email isn’t a social tool where the busier your inbox is, the better off you are. Your inbox is probably one of the most crucial tools to keep organized and condensed, especially in the working world.

When you only notice the emails that truly matter, you’ll realize that less time gets wasted on being side-tracked on those other non-important emails. We’re talking the “25 percent off your next order”“You just won $500” kinds of spam you always click on, but then you never actually take action.

Make a small effort and unsubscribe from the email sender, then delete those emails in bulk – You’ll realize a considerable weight is lifted off your inbox’s shoulders!

Step 2: Get personal; make a call or use instant chat

A vast distraction we see people face is when they keep all of their conversations over email. Playing inbox tennis is counter-productive, as you end up spending countless minutes waiting for a reply. 

Switch your communications to either over the phone or through an instant chat/messaging platform. If you need to tell a co-worker something, send them a message, not an email. If you need to query something with another business or client, call them.

The last thing you want is to be continually checking back on your inbox folder, waiting for those responses, as they’ll arrive eventually! At least if you keep internal communications stuck to a live chat, you’ll get instant answers, and you’ll probably know when a message was read.

Step 3: Set a time during the day to respond to emails

There’s no point setting yourself a target to reply to every email during the day, as you’ll end up over-prioritizing your responses when they aren’t all urgent.

We recommend setting aside a little bit of time during the day to catch up on emails – Remember, you wouldn’t send an email if there were a faster way to get a response, right?

Don’t be pressured into making your average response time as quickly as possible. The less time you spend worrying about replying to emails, the more time you can devote to your role’s crucial tasks. If people needed to contact you badly enough, they would text or call you or ring the company you work to get hold of you.

If you need a way to keep your emails organized and less intrusive, while also having time for everyone else in your company or your customers, why not take a read of this solution? A shared inbox speeds up email communications for you and your colleagues while organizing your cluttered inbox into a tidy and manageable location.

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