New in Helpmonks: Global compose button, Dashboard enhancements and other updates

New in Helpmonks: Global compose button, Dashboard enhancements and other updates

Helpmonks is for ourselves an indispensable tool; hence we keep on tweaking, experimenting, enhancing, and (hopefully) make it on the way your favorite team email collaboration product.

Here is what we've updated recently:

New global compose button

Since the new Dashboard was released, there was no direct way to write a new message anymore. Thus, we've added a global compose button to the main navigation. Like this, you can compose a new message at every moment within Helpmonks.

Dashboard Enhancements

We've received positive feedback on the newly released Dashboard and made several updates to it. While the list automatically updates whenever an action occurs, e.g., a new email arrives, or the conversation gets assigned, you can now also manually refresh the list with the new "refresh" button. Also, we've removed the interim preview window and are now taking you directly to the conversation.

Adaptive Reminders

We use "Reminders" several times a day here at Helpmonks. There is little change that needed for them, but now we remove the Reminders' of a message if the customer replies. After all, you usually don't need to be reminded of a conversation, when the recipient responded. Nevertheless, you have the option to keep the reminder around, independent of a reply.

Re-designed Notification Center

Our Notification Center got some love recently. We've added different background colors for each event and also made the listing more transparent and more comfortable on the eye.

Overall UI updates

In the last couple of weeks, we've worked on a couple of UI updates. We've changed the general background color slightly, so it's less glaring. Panels, like the Mailbox and the Notification panels, have now a white background, and all sections have now a slight border shadow making the whole Helpmonks UI experience more compact.


Apart from the more significant updates above, we've also made several other noteworthy updates like;

  • Set a custom user timeout
  • The user list under the mailbox settings show now the Avatar and the group the user is in
  • Fixed an issue with importing CSV files for users
  • Fixed an issue where some users saw the news popover multiple times
  • We've made some internal enhancements to the email headers, i.e., that threading works as expected
  • Fixed an issue with sending attachments in the email notifications to Helpmonks users

As always, we encourage our users to check the public Helpmonks RoadMap, join Helpmonks community, and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

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I really appreciate you always improving the product. Makes it apleasure to use.Have a great weekend!


FYI,very happy customershere at Oosterpoort, we use helpmonks on a daily basis :-)


We really enjoy working with Helpmonks every day. It made ourcommunication with our customers so much easier.Thank you.


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