OpenBD, Open Source CFML server, gets some praise from the community

OpenBD, Open Source CFML server, gets some praise from the community

Among other things, I am one of the members of the OpenBD Steering Committee. OpenBD is the first Open Source ColdFusion Application Server and has a long history of the product itself and the members of it.

But somehow, when the company behind the commercial BlueDragon product decided to open source their J2EE BlueDragon product, something strange happened. Instead of cheering to have (finally) a open source CFML server, the CFML community seamed to dislike it. The reason for this, lies beyond me and does not make any sense. Fortunately, people change!

Today Joe Rinehart, a prominent figure in the CFML community, posted some very nice comments on his blog about OpenBD. The blog title is OpenBD: I’m sorry, it’s actually nice!. Here is a quote from it:

…OpenBD started up, and immediately told me that there was an exception that was entirely my fault.  And the exception information…wow.  Anything and everything:  lines of code causing the problems, the files they were in, all of the scope variables, introspection of the CFCs that were involved, and it was all logged out to an HTML file.  Good job, OpenBD team!  This kind of raising the bar in respect to competitive products is what it’s all about!…

I want to thank Joe for giving the OpenBD product another chance and leaving all the bad vibes behind it. If you too, want to move to a pure open source stack then give OpenBD a chance today.

In case you don’t know, but Razuna, our open source Digital Asset Management, is also based on OpenBD. You can download the complete Open Source DAM offering over at the Razuna website.

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