Email is killing your team. Here’s how to save it.

Email is killing your team. Here’s how to save it.

Raise your hand if you hate email. Keep your hand raised if you hate work email. Now keep your hand raised if you have ever managed a shared inbox or a team with a shared inbox. Now keep your hand raised if you or your team have wasted precious work hours discussing which emails have been answered, who’s going to handle which email, if the contact was ever logged in your CRM, etc.

While this is just on our blog, I imagine quite a lot of you have your hands raised. (You can put them down now.)

The truth is that email — especially shared email — is killing your team. It’s painful to see messages pile up. It’s a never-ending challenge to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. It’s excruciating to realize your team has lost time on something that should be so simple and straightforward. And it’s so mind-numbing to think about these things that it’s easy to become used to them and not consider a solution. Answering emails is such an arduous, daily effort that some companies are even banning its use in the office. The reality, of course, is that most of us still need work email, especially if we’re on a sales or customer support team.

We all like to think of our teams as a place of collaboration, where we work together to find a solution and agree by consensus on appropriate courses of action. And yet, it’s challenging to collaborate with a traditional shared inbox. Sure, we can spend time discussing email protocols, who should manage the inbox and when, and other typical tasks associated with a shared inbox. This way of email management, though, is flawed. All it takes is one person who doesn’t care about following protocols or rules, and the whole system can be thrown out of whack. Additionally, human behavior over time tends to graduate towards the “path of least resistance,” which means your protocols won’t really matter if they’re not easy to follow. And they rarely are.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had some software to do this for you? The good news is that it already exists!

Software can help improve the entire shared inbox experience by empowering your team to truly collaborate. That’s not shouting from one cubicle to another, or jumping on company chat to work together, which just creates more noise. Instead, software can instantly and automatically provide transparency and accountability to your team, without anyone having to change how they work.

How? Well, for one thing, software can automatically organize your email to make it easy to see how many emails need replies, how many have been replied to. Software can help you assign emails to teammates, keep better track of attachments, and can integrate with other popular task management systems, CRMs, and other business management tools. Software can also help your team communicate with each other to provide the best responses to customers, without the customer even seeing it.

Thankfully, Helpmonks does all these things, and more. Check out all our life-saving features here. Then sign up for a free trial and we’ll show you how you can save your team from killer emails. Not all heroes wear capes.

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