Announcing Razuna 1.9.5

Announcing Razuna 1.9.5

As outlined in my last post, Razuna is going strong, and we see that many customers take to Razuna, which after all is still one of the best open source alternatives to any Enterprise Digital Asset Management.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Razuna 1.9.5.

Razuna 1.9.5, despite the small increment in the version number, is a significant release including performance improvements and enhancements. This release continues to build on the strong foundations of features, like UPC-layer, built-in Approval process and best in class management of files.

A new responsive grid for your files

The days are gone, where you had to adjust the height and width of your folder view. Razuna 1.9.5 features a responsive asset grid out of the box.

Search performance improvements

We’ve refactored the search and gained substantial performance improvements. In production, we have seen searches for over 100,000 records taking only 4 seconds!

Basket enhancements and a better ordering system

A lot of you use the basket daily. Sometimes, there are over 2000 files in the basket. Showing over 2000 files takes up a lot of resources. In this release, we limited the basket to a maximum of 200 assets to display. Don’t worry. You can still download all your files in the basket. We just only show the first 200 files.

Also, we entirely refactored the ordering system, and it should now be much faster and easier for you to deal with orders.

Speaking of the basket, there is now a service that automatically cleans up baskets that are older than 30 days.

Overall performance improvements

This release brings a lot of performance enhancements. We refactored the security model and changed how we query the database. Also, all javascript and CSS are now minified. Furthermore, all thumbnails will be cached by the browser, too.

Hence, when you upgrade from a previous version, you will see a slightly different upgrade process for Razuna 1.9.5.


  • Large file downloads are now being streamed to the client/browser directly instead of being buffered
  • XLS is now the default format for all exports
  • If you use the approval process on any folder, you will see a banner on top letting the user know that files need to be approved first
  • We’ve made a lot of changed if you are using the UPC layer
  • While deadlocks are sometimes happening, this release should take care of most of them
  • We re-enabled the production settings in the backend administration
  • If you’ve signed in to Razuna and close the browser and go back to Razuna, you should now automatically be signed in
  • Upon downloading renditions, the “rend_” prefix has been removed
  • Overall a lot of UI fixes and improvements

How to get the Razuna 1.9.5?

If you are using the Razuna hosted edition, there is nothing for you to do, as you are already using the latest version automatically.

If you are hosting your own Razuna server, you can download Razuna 1.9.5 right now at As always, please follow the upgrade path and do a backup before upgrading.

Customers of our managed Razuna cloud servers, have either already been upgraded or will be in the coming days. If you want to prioritize your upgrade, please contact us.

What’s coming next?

Razuna 1.9.5 was a long and complex release cycle, taking into consideration that each release needs to be compatible with the many production deployments we now have.

We believe that Razuna 1.9.5 will be one of the last major releases before Razuna 2.0 and we are looking forward to be able to share the next journey of Razuna with you all real soon.

In the meantime, please keep on spreading the news about Razuna and keep on providing us with your feedback. Thank you.

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