Sample Code for Janrain integration for CFML / ColdFusion

Sample Code for Janrain integration for CFML / ColdFusion

Here is a sample code for integration the Janrain Engage social login. This is inspired by the sample codes published over at (I asked them to integrate the CFML sample code, but they did not reply) Alas, you find the code below or can also get it on Github as well at

[coldfusion]<!— This code sample shows how to make the auth_info API call using CFML —>

<!— Enter your API key here —>
<cfset variables.apikey = "">

<!— Step 1) Extract the token from your environment —>
<cfset variables.token = form.token>

Step 2) Now that we have the token, we need to make the api call to auth_info.
auth_info expects an HTTP Post with the following paramters:

<cfhttp url=""&gt;
<cfhttpparam name="token" value="#variables.token#" type="URL">
<cfhttpparam name="apiKey" value="#variables.apikey#" type="URL">

<!— If status code is 200 —>
<cfif cfhttp.responseheader.status_code EQ "200">

<!— Step 3) read the json response —>
<cfset variables.auth_info_json = Deserializejson(cfhttp.filecontent)>

<!— Set default variables which might be in the response (depending on the provider) —>
<cfparam name="variables.auth_info_json.profile.displayName" default="" />
<cfparam name="" default="" />
<cfparam name="" default="" />

<!— Step 4) use the response to sign the user in —>
<cfif variables.auth_info_json.stat EQ "OK">
‘identifier’ is the unique idenfifier that you use to sign the user in to your site
<cfset variables.identifier = variables.auth_info_json.profile.identifier>
get fields
<cfset variables.displayName = variables.auth_info_json.profile.displayName>
<cfset =>
<cfset variables.profile_pic_url =>
<cfset variables.providerName = variables.auth_info_json.profile.providerName>
<cfset variables.preferredUsername = variables.auth_info_json.profile.preferredUsername>
actually sign the user in. this implementation depends highly on your platform, and is up to you.
<!— <cfinvoke component="" method=""></cfinvoke> —>

<!— Simply dump variables —>
<cfdump var="#variables#">

<!— Error with Authentication —>
<h1>Error with the authentication</h1>
<cfdump var="#variables.auth_info_json.err.msg#">

<!— There is an error with the http response —>
<h1>Error with the HTTP Response</h1>
<cfdump var="#cfhttp#">

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